Our History

Prior to April 1978, ambulance service in the Bulverde Spring Branch area was provided by New Braunfels Fire/EMS. In the interest of patient care, a group of dedicated individuals worked to create a local community-based ambulance service. The group pushed for increased standards in training, communications and patient care, and in 1978, Bulverde Spring Branch EMS was founded. That leadership understood our 216 sq. mile district was distinctive in its rural nature and that it lacked essential services, yet we knew we could develop the programs and answer the calls. 

During the first few years, volunteers would rotate taking the ambulance home to respond to emergency calls for help. In 1980, the Otto Fromme family provided the ambulance service a gift of just over two acres of land along US Highway 281 North. By March of 1982, construction of a building, ambulance bays, and training center was completed. 

The original structure was expanded in 1999, adding an additional 5,000 square feet of space. This served as the central headquarters for EMS until 2009 when a new location on Rodeo Drive was acquired. Just two miles north of the original station, a state of the art facility was built to meet not only the needs of emergency services, but most importantly, it was designed to meet the needs of our community. In October 2010, Bulverde-Spring Branch EMS moved into a new 18,000 square foot facility. The additional space allows for collaboration among fire, EMS and police service agencies, as well as providing meeting space for community events. 

BSB is now a Full-Time paid department, fully staffed to provide a standard of care 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  As we grow, we are constantly improving our equipment, training, personnel and service to the community.



Changes in 2018...

The remarkable successes of our emergency health sciences division and enhanced community health programs, once under the umbrella of Bulverde Spring Branch Emergency Services, d.b.a. BSB Fire & EMS, necessitated a transformation of the founding emergency services non-profit with the formation of a new non-profit, the Health, Innovation and Sciences Centre. 

At the Centre, we bring dramatic results to a large region, extending well into the southwestern portion of the United States, serving as a unique place to receive certification in critical care skills and procedural anatomy. It's also where medical professionals conduct research, practice techniques, and test theoretical procedures in cooperation with the University of Texas Health Science Center.


The other programs offered through the Centre include our Community Health Program, Wellness on Wheels Mobile Clinic, and J-Crew. Each arm helps to connect us with the isolated who are in need of assistance, mentoring our youth, and further serving the needs of our fellow citizens. Knowing we are there, in good times or bad, has earned the trust, respect & admiration of our residents.


Visit the Centre for Healthcare, Innovation & Sciences website to learn more or to make a donation to this new entity that is not tax-payer funded, but funded through the kind hearts of our friends and supporters!